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Thankfully, reports of the demise of print have been largely exaggerated. True, like most sectors, the industry has taken a bit of a battering over the past few years, but those that have come through it - people like us - are clearly doing something right. It might not be rocket science, but we are very good at putting ink onto paper.

We love the internet as much as the next person - heck, you're reading this on some sort of screen! - but, let's face it, some things are better off printed. A beautifully printed mailer is going to survive longer on someone's desk, and live longer in their memory, than a brief email that is soon buried under an avalanche of other brief emails. There's the feel of the paper, the sound it makes as it's flicked between thumb and finger, the smell of the ink...

As you can see, we love print, and are unashamedly a little geeky about it. 25-years after hearing the clatter of our first press, the buzz is still very much there.

Environmental : Sadly, printing has always been a somewhat dirty business - the combination of big machines, chemicals and ink isn't a great one. Thankfully though, in recent years things have started to improve.

Like most responsible printing companies these days, we use vegetable-based inks (as opposed to their old, solvent-based predecessors); recycle used paper and plates; and dispose of chemicals responsibly.

In addition, and most importantly, our factory is ISO 14001-certified. This acts as a framework to help monitor our environmental performance, setting targets to improve efficiency and reduce waste. We're also proud to have full FSC and PEFC-accredition - in fact, all of the material we keep in stock has the FSC seal of approval, meaning you can be assured that it has come from sustainable forests.

Welcome : The Brand Mill are printers serving Denbighshire, Wrexham and Shropshire with full colour litho and digital printing. Our leaflets have some of the lowest prices you will find anywhere on the internet, and we offer free delivery to most UK addresses. Click on the Prices tab to start pricing your job now.



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